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#TBT Trenton Half Marathon November 9, 2013


What I was doing this time last year; participating in the Trenton Half Marathon 10k.  We trekked it all the way to Trenton NJ for this one.  It was a Black Girls Run! race stop, so the club represented with I think 700+ runners.  It was a fun day, and I recorded most of the race with my flip cam…footage below.  The best part of that weekend….eating at Cracker Barrel after the race!  Why or why don’t we have Cracker Barrel in New York?? I’m pretty sure I was a couple weeks pregnant in this pic too.

Happy Thursday!



Trenton Half Marathon & 10K Recap November 9, 2013

IMG_4763On November 9th I participated in the Trenton 10K.  I have to say this race is probably in my top 3 for 2013.  Possibly because it was a major Black Girls Run takeover with 700+ BGR members in attendance, but also because races that require a bit of travel are always a little more fun.  The race was very organized, the water stations were plentiful AND had gatorade (there is rarely gatorade), and it was a nice flat course with only 2 hills.  The medal was gorgeous, and if you were a BGR member we got a little xtra hardware for participating.  I think I’ll be back next year.

This was my first time actually recording during a race, and this is no easy feat, but I had a ton of fun doing it, and this is  the fruit of my labor….enjoy!!


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