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Mission 2 a day: Day 6

It’s been a while!

Started the day off with a nice 1800yd swim. Turns out when the pool is converted to short course (25) the measurements are in yards not meters; so my watch was set incorrectly.  Still got in a mile though. 👍🏾 Hopefully Thursday the pool will be back to long course (50 meters.)

Finished off the day with an evening trainer ride. The bike is still my least favorite!

Tomorrow is Global Running Day. If you are a runner make sure you get out there and hit the pavement….even if it is only 1km!

Mission 2 a day: Day 5

Today’s 2 a day is over by 6:45pm which makes me very happy! 

Started off the morning with a nice swim with my masters swim crew.  This was my first swim with the new watch. I really swam 1700m. The new gadget is going to take some getting use to.  

Ended the day with a spin on my trainer. Longest ride to date this year (there have been very little!)

Tomorrows a new day!

Mission 2 a day: Day 4

My day started off with a nice 4 mile run at a comfy pace. I of course use my Garmin to track my activities, but have also also been using the charity miles app to log miles that turn into money for your charity of choice.  It’s a pretty cool app that gives back and doesn’t cost anything to use; so definitely check it out if you have a chance. 

Ive been running for Autism Speaks, and Wanderlust Fest sponsored my miles today. I start the app while I’m warming up, and keep it running through my cool down so I log a bit more miles than what is on my watch. 

Watch stats:

I Finished the day off with day two’s ab workout X 2, and 200 side bends for the obliques. 

Have a great evening!

Mission 2 a day: Day 3

Yes I am way behind on my 2 a days. Long story short, woke up Thursday morning to swim couldn’t find my watch face.  You see I have the quick release feature on my Garmin 920XT so that I can attach it to my bike. Spent the next 2 days looking for it to no avail. I know it’s in my house because it’s syncing with my phone but can’t find the darn thing. Gave up Friday and moved on with my life! I’m sure my 1 yr old has it in one of his hiding places and it’ll turn up eventually. Ordered the new Garmin 735XT yesterday, got it today, and now I’m playing with my new toy! It’s not red so I’m sad about that, but I’ll make some upgrades to it eventually. 

Started this morning with a mile swim. It felt go and got the blood pumping. Had to breaks out the old Garmin Fenix 2 since the new watch hadn’t arrived yet. 

Finished the day with an easy 11 mile cycle session. 

I really hope my 920XT shows it’s pretty face soon. 😰

Mission 2 a day: Day 2

I finally got back on my bike this morning after a super long (I’m ashamed to say how long) hiatus.  The bike is my least favorite part of triathlon but I am determined to improve on 2015’s lackluster performance at Ironman Eagleman.  The first 15 minutes or so we’re slow going, but I think I got in my groove shortly after.  I did 30 minutes to start today. I’ll increase to 45 on my next ride. My butt certainly does not miss the saddle! If you are a cyclist you know what I mean….ouch!

This evening I did a much needed ab workout. I’d like to work on strengthening my core and hope to build some definition in the process.  I never work on my stomach out of pure laziness, but I’m turning over a new leaf. Cheers to abs!

Did this x2

My two a day quest continues tomorrow!

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