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The rain couldnโ€™t keep me away!

The rain couldnโ€™t keep me away!

I went out at 11 to run and it started raining. I decided to make a Target run, came out and it was pouring! So home I went to wait it out. I did some work I finally went back out around 3. 72 degrees and cool at 11 turned into 81 and humid at 3. I was totally overdressed, but it got done!

Shimmy for another 6.2 added to the ๐Ÿ’ฏ

Running 100 miles in July | Week 2

This week was quite a busy one! I traveled down to Atlanta to visit family and struggled with the steamy hot weather and rolling hills. Did a little bit of hiking, did a whole lot of walking, and saw a beautiful hidden gem called The Bamboo Forest in Sandy Springs, GA. It was absolutely incredible.

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Running 100 miles in July | Week 1

I am running 100 miles all over again for the month of July! I had another cycling adventure this week, which was a blast. Check out how week 1 went, and how I’m trying to stay on track with my mileage for this month.

100 miles of June wrap up!

I wrapped up my 100 miles of June challenge, and guess what, I made my goal! It was not an easy task at all considering I lost 6 days after falling and hurting myself during week 1. Check out how I reached my goal, and my running challenge plans for the month of July.


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