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LONDON MARATHON TRAINING | Week 5 | Can an off week hurt YOUR MARATHON TRAINING? | Life of a Runner

Week 5 of training; Ever had a lazy week of running? Well that’s exactly what this week was for me. I only got in 2 runs this week, and although I’m off of my training schedule, I felt strong during both runs, and that’s a win for me! Check out the visuals below from this week, and let me know if you’ve ever been off your training schedule, and how you’ve recovered.

Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon Weekend Visuals

Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon Weekend Visuals

In October I ran the Detroit Free Press Int’l half marathon. Check out my race recap HERE. Of course I chronicled the whole weekend, but never got around to editing the footage…silly me! So take a look at all that I did that weekend including:

✅Visiting the iconic #MotownMuseum (they don’t let you take pics or video inside, except for the studio room. Kinda puts a downer on the experience)
✅Bell Isle Aquarium – cute little Aquarium, free entry & free parking, add it to your list.
✅Anna Scrupps Whitcomb Conservatory – next door to the aquarium, it’s beautiful and worth a visit.
✅Joe Louis Monument – A ginormous fist in the middle of a busy road, a must visit IG photo op.
✅Eastern Market – lots of beautiful art, good music, and great food. Don’t forget to visit the Detroit vs. Everybody store!

LONDON MARATHON TRAINING | Week 4 | Tempo Run | Cross-training | Yoga for Runners | Life of a Runner

LONDON MARATHON TRAINING | Week 4 | Tempo Run | Cross-training | Yoga for Runners | Life of a Runner

Week 4 of London Marathon training was actually quite ok by me. Although I didn’t complete my long run this week, my shin pains have diminished dramatically. I’m not sure if its the change in my sneakers, or the increase in yoga, but something is working and I’m feeling so much better!

This week started with a tempo run with my group which was great. We did a 1:1, which is one minute of increased running, and 1 mile of jogging x 10. My splits below are a little wacky because I hit the lap button on my garmin manually each time, but you can get the gist of it.

I did 3 days of yoga this week, with 1 day being Hot Yoga. On Sunday I tried to go out for my long run, but after a little over 4.2 miles I just was not info it and called it a day. There’s no sense in forcing something to happen that just isn’t there.

Check out my full video below of this weeks recap, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel here to get updates on all of my training.

London Marathon Training Week 4 recap
London Marathon Training | A Runners Life | Week 3 FAIL! (A little late!)

London Marathon Training | A Runners Life | Week 3 FAIL! (A little late!)

A little late posting this one, but here’s a recap of week 3 of my London marathon training which was a complete fail! Running on the concrete has always been pretty hard on my body, so running for 2 days and 16.2 miles on the Arizona concrete really did a number on my shins. So much so that I was totally out of commission for a few days.

I took a 3 day rest, and attempted to run on the treadmill on Thursday, the shines were screaming! It wasn’t totally painful, but uncomfortable enough that my little walk run that I was doing just couldn’t be sustained. So I headed to the weights and did a little strength training. Check out my video below, or CLICK HERE to view.

I ended up with 1.36 not so pretty miles on the treadmill

I switched out my sneakers to the Adidas Ultra Boost which have a lot more cushion then my usual light weight sneakers. Now, while this felt much better, and I had less shin pain, it was still there and I didn’t want to push it, so I got in a very easy 2 miles that day.

Track miles

It was a pretty light week training wise, but something is better than nothing, and I’d rather be safe and keep my self healthy, than be injured on the sidelines.

Check out my video below of this weeks training, and subscribe to my YouTube channel here to get updates on all of my training.

Arizona Travel Vlog | London Marathon Training | A Runners Life | Week 2

Arizona Travel Vlog | London Marathon Training | A Runners Life | Week 2

Last week I completed week 2 of London marathon training, logging 4 runs for the week, strength training, hot yoga, and travel to Arizona for the Rock N Roll 5k and Half Marathon.

The week started out pretty good. I did a 45 minute recovery run on the treadmill. Treadmill running is not my fav, but it is freezing in NYC, and running outside right now is just not an option.

Next was an interval run where I ran 5 mins on, and 1:30 off. I tried to increase my pace slightly for every 5 minute interval to test my endurance a bit.

I also did some strength training this day. Just a simple leg routine circuit that I tend to do often. I really need to switch it up. (workout is in the video at the bottom of this post)

Next up was hot yoga on Friday, which was really fantastic. I’m loving that I’ve added this back into my training regimen. I really feel fresh and re-energized afterward, and its a good prelude for my long runs on the weekend.

RnR Arizona Race Recap:

This was State #18 for me in my journey to run a half marathon in all 50 states. I have to say, I really enjoyed AZ. The weather is looney as heck though. You have to wear a winter coast in the am because it’s in the 40s, and then switch to tees and sandals because it’s 75 by noon!
The races were just OK for me. RnR always puts on great events so that wasn’t an issue. There was just basically zero crowd support out there. Most of the bands playing were ehhhh except these cool drummers on the mountain. The Gatorade mix was terrible. I don’t know what happened but it had a funky taste to it.
Post race amenities were great, chocolate milk…had a couple, Pringles, granola bars, post race massages, and I snagged enough SIS to last me through the next few weeks of training.
Would I recommend this race, yes. The Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale area is cool, and the people were so nice. We even stumbled on upon an Afrobeats rooftop party which was the first cluster of brown folks that I saw for the entire weekend.

Check out my Vlog of this weeks Training, and of my time in Arizona for the weekend.

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