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Saturday Morning Strength

This morning was a tough gym workout. Here is a bit of it. I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but I’m actually starting to enjoy going to the gym. 😬

​[wpvideo dVgU3cdz]​

Wednesday Morning Run

A 3 mile run to start my day today, along with a nice stretch afterwards in the soccer net! Oh and it’s finally warm in NY 🌞

Make it a great one!

Wednesday Run

I so did not want to hit the track this morning. After hitting snooze 3 times and deciding not to go, I rolled over 5 minutes later and got my butt out of bed….it was worth it!

Happy hump day!

Monday morning run

It was a brisk 45 degrees in New York this morning. Not my favorite running temperature, but it did help me run a bit faster this morning, and hit some negative splits in the process. Have a great day!

Saturday Strength

This morning I put in some back work at the big boy gym. Mostly 3 sets of 15 on each machine, and ended with some ab work. My inner arms are sore, but not to bad. It’ll probably be way worse tomorrow!
Until then!

​[wpvideo 9ivjsJ8y]​

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